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Lamington Drive, Collingwood

Andrei Davidoff, Dawn Vachon, Grace Brown, Kenny Pittock, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Susan Robey, Tai Snaith

Curated by Jane Sawyer 


Cooked is a group show of contemporary ceramics that challenge the distinction between function and sculpture,  presented by Lamington Drive in collaboration with artist Jane Sawyer, director of Slow Clay Centre.

Cooked brings together 8 contemporary artists producing ceramic objects with an illustrative, graphic style. The works range from small scale structures with finely rendered graphic detail, layered assemblages and wall-based reliefs to painterly large-scale vessels and humorous reproductions of utilitarian objects. Along with their ceramic practice, a number of the artists pursue other artistic disciplines – writing, drawing, painting, collage, architecture and sculpture – which further informs their work. Many of the pieces incorporate some aspect of cross-media experimentation which sees foreign elements and materials like glass beads, wood or paper being incorporated in the pieces.

Images by Tatanja Ross

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