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Madeleine completed an Honours of Fine Art at Monash University in 2014. At Monash she also obtained a Bachelor in Arts and Visual Arts majoring in Creative Writing and Painting, and in 2015 completed a Diploma of Languages (Spanish).

In 2015 she commenced a Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen.


Madeleine enjoys dissolving the boundaries of different mediums through the process of collaging materials. Originally trained as a painter she uses ceramics as another “canvas” on which to paint. Working with clay gives her practice three-dimensionality and opens up a dialogue between various art forms.

A strong interest in colour, material and the human impact on nature, as well as the imaginary world of the subconscious has inspired her to create a series of collages, abstract colour works and projections. Attempts to create completely abstract works somehow always reflect an affinity to landscape and colour, organic flowing forms, patterned mountain ridges, dunes and valleys.

In her undergraduate painting major Madeleine experimented with various craft-based materials, such as clay, porcelain, wool, thread, felt-tip pen and pencil, and combined these with more traditional art materials such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic and photography. She has explored these processes further in her Honours year and in her Diploma of Ceramics. The process of collage has been very important to her work, as she combines different patterns, materials, colours, photographs, found objects and drawings to create new worlds. She has exhibited her paintings and ceramics in various artist-run spaces throughout Melbourne (see C.V.). 

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